Product Care


Leather is a natural product and has natural variations and characteristics which are unique to each piece. We also enhance the natural beauty of the leather in some of our collections through overdying, washing and burnishing processes.  Each piece will have some variance in grain and shade which is why they are so special. It is important to be aware that any natural leather through use may change colour and texture over time, this is what will add beautiful character to your product.



Care should be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto our natural leathers. In particular dyes from denim and also dark leathers on to light clothing.

You can help to keep your purchase looking as beautiful as the day you bought it by treating it with care. We recommend using a good quality leather protector/conditioner to help protect against stain absorption and marking. Always test any leather care products in a more hidden place to ensure its appropriate for the piece.


The sun and weather is damaging to our human skin, and other products. Leather is no different and we suggest correct storage away from sunlight. Always keep dry and away from a damp environment. Avoid contact with the ground or abrasive surfaces.  All our leather bags and wallets come in cotton dust bags so store them in these to keep protected and you will enjoy them for many years.


Our textile bags can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or soft brush. Please take the same care with the natural leather handles and trims as you would a leather bag.

For any further help on looking after your product please dont hesitate to get in contact.